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Different Types of Remote Workers and How to Manage Them

Your employees are the source code of your company's success. However, today with the remote work trends on the rise -  how a team...

6 Great Virtual Games to Boost Engagement Among Your Remote Team

Engaging employees is not easy. And it’s only a matter of time before the physical distance of remote work turns into emotional distance. Thereby,...

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All That You Need to Know Before Investing in a Core HR Software

Determine Which Core HR Software Suits Your Enterprise the best. Read on for insights on the pricing ranges and unexpected costs of the popular HR systems.

5 Benefits of RPA in HR and Payroll

For those of you who still think that daily HR activities don't need to get automated, consider these five benefits of RPA in HR and payroll.

7 Perks of Using HR Technology Tools

From cloud-based software to building entirely new infrastructure, companies are investing heavily in HR technology. Technology has made it easier for HR to undertake...

3 Tips to Ensure Successful Virtual Onboarding of New Employees

With remote work trends on the rise, virtual onboarding is something that we hear every day now. Can’t deny! Virtual meetings and onboarding can...

Role of Non-Humans in Human Resources

What humans once perceived to be their only space is gradually getting acquired by machines. Yes, we are talking about trending technologies that are...

Tech Solutions That Ensure Employees’ Safety

With employees returning to offices, organizations across are embracing tech solutions that ensure employees’ safety in this COVID-19 era.

HR Lessons We All Need to Learn From “The Office” Web Series

If you have watched “The Office,” a parody on corporate and office life, you’d know who we are talking about – Toby.

What HRs Must Do About Employees Returning From Furlough

2020 is nearing its end and companies are beginning to awake from hibernation - despite the continuing pandemic. With workers returning from furlough, HRs...

5 Best Investment Apps for Your Workforce in 2021

If you are an HR and want to help your employees get their finance back on track, here’s 5 best investment apps you can suggest to them.