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Finalists Prepare for Region’s Premier HR&D Awards

There are 10 categories, representing a range of impressive accomplishments in HR&D.

Amazon Names Doug Herrington As New CEO Of Its Worldwide Amazon Stores Business

Amazon veteran Doug Herrington will become the new chief executive officer (CEO) of its Worldwide Amazon Stores business (formerly known as Worldwide Consumer), Amazon...

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All That You Need to Know Before Investing in a Core HR Software

Determine Which Core HR Software Suits Your Enterprise the best. Read on for insights on the pricing ranges and unexpected costs of the popular HR systems.

7 Most Popular Recruitment Channels to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Understanding what comprises the major recruiting networks, along with individual benefits and disadvantages, is the first step in the effective recruitment of talent within all organizations. Here’s a roundup of the 7 most popular recruitment channels.

HR Lessons We All Need to Learn From “The Office” Web Series

If you have watched “The Office,” a parody on corporate and office life, you’d know who we are talking about – Toby.

How to Overcome Social Loafing in a Virtual Work Environment?

Why 1+1+1 is not equal to 3? Read on to explore 3 tips to help you overcome social loafing in your virtual work environment.

Impact of Technology on HR in the New Work Era

By 2025, the market for HR technology will be worth an estimated $30 billion, with a growth rate of 11%. Let’s see how technology impacts HR in multiple ways. 

Top 5 Learning and Development Platforms

Learning and development is a key focus area in a rapidly evolving business environment. Benjamin Franklin once said - ‘An investment in knowledge pays...

Different Types of Remote Workers and How to Manage Them

Your employees are the source code of your company's success. However, today with the remote work trends on the rise -  how a team...

5 Legal Mistakes by HRs That Could Cost Companies Millions of Dollars

If you are an HR and never want to have a stain in your career, try avoiding the 5 mistakes discussed in this blog.

Moving From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Blend

Work-life balance is evolving. The concept of work-life and family-life separated from each other is an expectation every professional aim to achieve. Leaders of...