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Establishing A Human Resource Policy For Family Death Leave

Most employers understand that employees will need to take time off to mourn the death of family or close family friend. However, no employer...

Does Your Organization Have a Workplace Wellness Policy?

If your organization doesn’t have a workplace wellness policy, it’s time it does. Explore how you can optimize it to improve your employee experience.

4 Signs You Should Hire a Legal Expert for Your Company

You must tap the services of a legal expert and make them work more closely with HRs, but when?

How to Develop a Covid-19 Employee Vaccination Policy

After more than a year of inestimable difficulty, COVID-19 vaccines have given us the hope of stepping out into the new normal. But, according...

How HR Can Prevent Employees From Trolling Others Online

HR's have a clear duty of care if its employees are trolling others online or getting trolled. Here are some actionable steps that can prevent it.

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Help Remotely Working Women

As HR leaders, try and use these 4 ways to support and help remotely working women overcome their daily barriers.

How To Develop a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace Culture?

Here’s 5 steps to create a transgender-inclusive workplace.

Alcoholism in Workplace: Employee’s Rights and Employer’s Responsibilities

Alcoholism in workplace is a growing concern. Here's what you can do to prevent alcohol abuse in your organization?

Office Romances – Management, Legal Consequences, and if It Is Still a Thing

The current pandemic might have slowed the traditional methodology, but office romances aren’t dead yet, and so aren’t its legal consequences.

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