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Patty Erickson Joins ASCAP as SVP/Human Resources

ERICKSON succeeds CAROLYN JENSEN, who is retiring after successfully leading ASCAP’s HR function for 17 years.

Philippines Reports First Cases of COVID-19 South African Variant

The Philippines has so far found 87 cases with the more transmissible variant.

QPR Training Sponsored by Human Resources – Benefits as Part of Mental Health Action Week

QPR stands for Question, Persuade, Refer – three steps that can help save a life from suicide.

Castlight Health Launches New Resource To Help Employers Address COVID-19 Vaccine Navigation and Vaccine Literacy

Castlight is on a mission to make it as easy as humanly possible for people to navigate the healthcare system and live happier, healthier, more productive lives.

Emergency Crews Rescued COVID-19 Vaccines by Boat in Kentucky

A batch of Covid-19 vaccines had to be rescued by boat after heavy rains threatened the power supply.

Acosta Appoints Mike Van Aken as Chief Human Resources Officer

Acosta is an integrated sales and marketing services provider that enables consumer packaged goods brands and retailers to win in the modern marketplace.

Covid Numbers at a glance

All countries
Total confirmed cases
Updated on March 3, 2021 8:31 am
All countries
Total active cases
Updated on March 3, 2021 8:31 am
All countries
Total recovered
Updated on March 3, 2021 8:31 am


How To Develop a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace Culture?

Here’s 5 steps to create a transgender-inclusive workplace.

5 Best Practices to Enhance Your Organization’s HR Operations In 2021

Read to know about the 5 best practices you should consider in order to enhance your organization's HR operations in 2021 and the years to come. 

Employee Management Challenges for HR Leaders in 2021

Considering the technological advances, widening skills gap, and shifting workforce expectations, employee management has become more important than ever before.

4 Ways to Fight Digital Fatigue and Maintain Balance

With the entire world going digital, digital fatigue is a sad reality today! Here are some tips to help you fight digital fatigue before its gets you!

Key Competency-Based Interviewing Tips for Recruiters

Hiring potential candidates in this post-COVID world can be very stressful! Here are some key competency-based interviewing tips to help you out.

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Business Recovery Strategy for Professional Services Firms

Read our white paper to see how the best-in-class professional services firms are preparing for business recovery and growth. Unlock the secrets now!

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