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Sputnik V: How Russia’s COVID Vaccine Is Dividing Europe

It's no coincidence that Russia has christened its Covid vaccine Sputnik V. The first time the world learned the meaning of Sputnik was in 1957.

Asana’s Head of People Reflects on How She Guided the Company Through 2020

Anna Binder's job as head of people at Asana is to connect all of Asana's programs to its mission and business objectives.

Lenovo Appoints New Chief Human Resource Officer for India

With over 13+ years of multifaceted experience, Lenovo appoints Bhavya Misra as the CHRO leading HR for the India business.

India’s Brutal Covid Wave Hammers Fuel Sales as Lockdowns Spread

India has been forced to renew restrictions and localized lockdowns as the aggressive new wave leads to record daily infections and hospitals struggling to cope with the surge.

Infosys Looking to Onboard 25,000 Campus Hires in FY22

Infosys gears up for a global campus hiring spree amid a brewing talent war in the sector.

China’s Economy Grows 18.3% In Post-COVID Comeback

In the first quarter of 2020, China's economy shrank 6.8% due to nationwide lockdowns at the peak of its Covid-19 outbreak.

Covid Numbers at a glance

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Updated on April 17, 2021 11:00 pm
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Updated on April 17, 2021 11:00 pm
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Updated on April 17, 2021 11:00 pm


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How to Conduct a Fair Employee Performance Appraisal During Covid-19

Employee performance appraisal is a fine balancing process, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. In these uncertain and difficult times, there are several responsibilities that...

4 Important Tips to Handle Employee Termination Gracefully

To handle employee termination gracefully is not every HR's cup of tea. Because letting go of someone who had been a critical part of...

Top 3 Obstacles for HR and How To Handle Them

Solutions for 3 basic obstacles for HR that turn out to be productivity killers.

4 Ways HR Leaders Can Help Remotely Working Women

As HR leaders, try and use these 4 ways to support and help remotely working women overcome their daily barriers.

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Seven Trends About the Future of Retail Every CEO Must Know

The future of retail depends on utilizing AR, VR for an immersive experience and enabling intelligent operations with AI. Is your business future-ready?

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