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Oregon School District Reprimands Employee Who Came To Work In Blackface

A staff member at Mabel Rush Elementary School darkened her face to look like Black civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks in protest of a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all district staff.

Female Government Workers In Kabul Told To Stay Home In Latest Taliban Rule

In a new ruling passed down by the Taliban, Kabul interim mayor Hamdullah Namony said that women working for the city's government are to stay home pending a further decision, according to The Associated Press.

Instacart Workers Urge Customers To Delete The App Over Labor Issues

Gig Workers Collective, a San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit that advocates for app-based workers, in an open letter urged Instacart customers to refrain from using the service until the company changes how it treats the shoppers who deliver their groceries.

Worker Shortage: Prezzo Gives Staff Pay Rise And Boxing Day Off

Prezzo has announced it will give its staff a pay rise next month and close all of its restaurants on Boxing Day.

SEIU Mounts Challenge To NLRB’s Trump-era Joint Employer Rule

SEIU says the 2020 rule improperly limits factors considered by the board for joint employment.

58 Percent Of Employees Say Hybrid And Remote Options Are Here To Stay

While debate still rages around where employees will work as restrictions ease, data shows that most businesses are planning for more work to take place away from the traditional office environment over the long term.

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