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Possibly Beneficial for Both Employees and Employers, Asynchronous Learning

With employers now getting to grips with the new world of hybrid working, one of the areas to be considered is that of learning and development. Training employees increases motivation and reduces turnover.

Benestar, a Supplier of Employee Assistance Services, Will Be Acquired by LifeWorks and Cover-more, According to an Agreement

LifeWorks, a market-leading provider of comprehensive mental health, digital and in-person total wellbeing solutions, today announced an agreement with Cover-More Group to acquire Benestar.

The Tourism Industry’s Ability to Maintain Itself Depends on Its Human Capital

As tourism continues to revive, the hotel and tourism industry is suffering from challenges in recruiting qualified human resources post pandemic, industry players warned.

The First Annual “Remote Hiring Maturity in U.S. Tech Survey” Offers Fresh Perceptions Into the Dynamics of the Remote Hiring Market in the Tech...

Revelo, the hyper-growth technology company offering the largest online platform for U.S. companies to hire world-class remote engineering talent in Latin America, says that over half of all tech professionals polled in its first annual Remote Hiring Maturity in U.S.

Brigette Mcinnis-day Is Appointed Chief People Officer at UiPath

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced that Brigette McInnis-Day is joining the Company in the role of Chief People Officer, effective September 2022.

AON and Collaborate to Help Firms Use AI to Increase Hiring Accuracy, an end-to-end recruitment solutions provider, announced today an agreement with Aon plc, a leading global professional services firm, to provide an end-to-end candidate experience.

Covid Numbers at a glance

All countries
Total confirmed cases
Updated on June 26, 2022 9:33 pm
All countries
Total active cases
Updated on June 26, 2022 9:33 pm
All countries
Total recovered
Updated on June 26, 2022 9:33 pm


5 HR Leadership Development Programs for 2022

Read to know about 5 of the best HR leadership programs that are essential for the growth of HR professionals.  

8 Best Work Management Software to Get Things Done Quickly

There is a plethora of work management software out there. Here are the 8 best ones to get things done quickly!  

7 Employee Retention Strategies to Prevent “The Great Resignation”

Here is a list of 7 effective employee retention strategies that will help you re-engage and keep your top performers.

Nurturing Human Connections in a Hybrid World

There are several strategies and tips out there about how to make the best of hybrid working.

Build Your Dream HR Team with 3 Strategies

A dream HR team promotes a sense of community inside the workplace and assists in creating an appealing employer brand.

5 Ways to Promote Emotional Wellbeing at Your Workplace

Prioritizing emotional well-being and mental health can result in happier, healthier employees.

Different Ways To Train Employees On Cybersecurity

According to a recent survey, during the epidemic, millions of people converted to work-from-home methods. Without a doubt, this makes it challenging for businesses...

Practices That Discourage Job Candidates

Many HR professionals struggle to find ideal job candidates these days. So when you find them, the last thing you want to do is...

Boosting Employee Morale Amidst Economic Uncertainty

When employee morale is low for a lengthy period of time, good leaders provide assistance and time off for relaxation. 

5 Ways To Give Valuable Feedback To Employees

In today’s world, employee feedback has evolved into ongoing listening strategies that build trust between managers and employees. Regular employee feedback results in significantly...

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Key Business and IT Priorities to Transform the Insurance Industry 

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5 Ways to Promote Emotional Wellbeing at Your Workplace

Prioritizing emotional well-being and mental health can result in happier, healthier employees.

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