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Minister to Expedite Programs for Human Resources’ Improvement in 2022

It can contribute to the biggest and most rampant national innovation in terms of human resource system.

Human Resources Executive Deborah Finlayson Leaves IG Group

She worked for major companies in the HR field such as Aviva, HSBC, and RSA Insurance.

What Can We Learn from Amazon’s HR Tech Disaster?

The general assumption is that big companies have it all figured out when it comes to HR processes. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

Trade Me Selects Cornerstone OnDemand to Centralise HR Processes

Cornerstone's Kiwi partner Tomorrow's People worked with Trade Me to provide a specialised solution.

Brainlabs Recruits New Chief Human Resources Officer

Healy’s role will see her be in charge of staff recruitment and retention, as well as keeping employees happy and making the organisation an “attractive” employer.

Covid Numbers at a glance

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Total confirmed cases
Updated on November 28, 2021 5:33 pm
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Total active cases
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Tips And Tricks To Hire And Retain Top Talent In 2021 And Beyond

The secret to building a great company that consistently meets and exceeds its mandates is to hire and retain top talent.  The competition for talent...

Does Your Organization Have a Workplace Wellness Policy?

If your organization doesn’t have a workplace wellness policy, it’s time it does. Explore how you can optimize it to improve your employee experience.

Fix Lack of Authentic Employees Feedback

When it comes to employee feedback, company leaders need to change their mindset. It is because of the 2 issues: Organizations are not taking...

Office Space And The Future Of Work

When it comes to actually deciding on a "return to the office," employers, employees, and office space vendors have toyed with several complex considerations...

3 Tips to Strengthen Your Workplace Technology Strategy

Today, you need a strong workplace technology strategy that can help you lead the way. Here are 3 tips to strengthen your workplace strategy.

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Why Investments In Talent Development Are Important

Talent development’s goal is to create a high-performance organization where everyone is motivated and supported to achieve a shared vision of success. The way...

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3 TED Talks to Help Build Leadership Skills

Here are the top  TED Talks to help you build leadership skills. So go ahead and build on those skills, inspire others and be a transformative leader yourself!

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10 reasons you must upgrade from PeopleSoft to Oracle HCM Cloud.

The People-Powered Workplace: Reimagine the Employee Experience

it’s important to learn new ways to empower employees by creating a new kind of workplace that centers around employees and their experience.

Design Successful Hybrid Workforce Strategies

Roadmap for HR leaders to successfully manage hybrid workplace.

Transitioning to Online Learning: The Playbook

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5 Competitive Advantages Of Talent Development

Thank you for showing interest. Talent development is a secret weapon for every organization. But the traditional way of reviewing is not working for employees....