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Latest News

17 Employees Have Died From COVID in a Florida School District Since August

"Every death is a devastating blow to our community," according to a statement from the Polk County Public Schools.

Few Employees Take Advantage of Mental Health Counseling

Only one in 10 employees made use of mental health counseling services during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study conducted by Ipsos MRBI on behalf of Allianz Partners.

COVID-19 Has Redefined the Basics of HR Operations

The pandemic has forced almost every employer to start investing in HR software.
The supply-chain disruptions and chip shortages that have retailers fearing empty shelves for Christmas are complicating employers’ plans for office return.

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How Covid-19 Crises Will Change The Future Of HR Practices

“How to manage employees through COVID-19 crises " probably wasn't a module that many HR professionals covered during their HR practices. Therefore, It’s essential...

Working Remotely In A Post-COVID-19 Era

Working remotely has increasingly gained popularity as a mode of conducting business since the global COVID-19 outbreak. Since March 2020, several businesses have migrated to remote working.

HR Issues and Expectations Dominating Workforce During COVID

With the increasing demands of HR, the HR issues and expectations have also increased.

How AI Can Help Promote Employee Mental Health

Today, the spotlight is on employee health and well-being. Read on to explore how AI is helping HR to promote employee mental health.

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Failing to connect with shoppers during COVID-19? Here's help.

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