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Young People Are Driving the Latest Covid-19 Surge, Especially in Michigan

Young people are driving the latest Covid-19 surge, especially in Michigan. Part of the problem is that Americans have become less afraid of the virus.

Change in Thought Process, Social Norms Key for Gender Diversity at Workplace

Gender inequality is a major area of concern the world over and India’s diversity only exacerbates that issue.

Biden Announces April 19 Deadline to Make All Adults Eligible for COVID Vaccine

President Joe Biden said that all adults in the U.S. should be eligible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine by April 19.
Growing worries that AstraZeneca Plc’s Covid-19 vaccine causes rare blood clots could hinder immunization campaigns across the world.

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Tech Solutions That Ensure Employees’ Safety

With employees returning to offices, organizations across are embracing tech solutions that ensure employees’ safety in this COVID-19 era.

Prioritizing the Well-Being of Your Employees in the New Work Reality

COVID-19 is posing new and unique challenges. Our daily routines are disrupted causing anxiety, stress, and physical and mental strain. Working from home requires...

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