CDC Says 2nd Coronavirus Vaccine Shot May Be Scheduled Up to 6 Weeks Later

In ‘exceptional situations,’ patients may switch to a different vaccine.

Jitterbit Unveils Employee 360 Solutions to Simplify and Accelerate Human Resource Management

Jitterbit, the API transformation company, announced Employee Experience “EX API360”, a series of new use-case-driven integration process templates and best practices designed to strengthen HR management across the entire employee lifecycle.

The Face Mask That Could End the Pandemic

Getting Americans masked up is a top priority for the Biden Administration.

Human Resources Firm Chases Lofty Growth Targets

The company’s success can be attributed to a combination of client education, relationship-building, and adherence to its values.

Western Digital to Pay $7.75m to Settle Claims It Paid Women Less Than Men

The tech industry has a long history of dealing with accusations of pay inequality based on gender and minority status.

Colt Technology Services Announces New EVP of HR

Tessa Raum has been named EVP HR of Colt, bringing a wealth of experience in the technology industry to the position.

Unilever to Require All Suppliers to Pay Living Wage

It will work with suppliers, businesses, government, and NGOs to help encourage the global uptake of living wage practices.

Rishi Sunak Considers Fifth Furlough Extension

The chancellor is looking at options to extend the job retention scheme into the summer as the latest lockdown is likely to continue for several months.

Remote Work ‘an Overwhelming Success’ for Employers, Employees

Automation is likely to be accelerated by the pandemic, particularly in jobs with "high viral transmission risk," as per a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Aviva to Close Offices in Hybrid Working Plan

Aviva has announced the closure of offices across the UK alongside plans to allow staff to work from home, beyond Covid restrictions.

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