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Want Your Business To Thrive? Cultivate Your External Talent

Want Your Business To Thrive? Cultivate Your External Talent

Changing workplace dynamics and the new ‘gig’ economy has motivated companies to seek creativity outside their workforce – and it will only grow in the future. As much as 56.7 million U.S. workers do side hustles for extra money. For all that is happening right now, organizations must act on this opportunity and explore the limitless possibilities offered by the non-traditional workforce, i.e., external talent.

So how do you get started in this domain? Use this research program where SHRM and SAP together explore the phenomenon of external work – from the points of view of managers, HR professionals, and internal employees. 

In this survey, you will explore:

  • Landscape of external work
  • Areas in which constituencies had disparate views of external workers
  • Opportunities for your organization to improve business outcomes

Also, find a toolkit that delivers insights on the best management practices of external workers. 



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