2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report

2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report

In collaboration with Deloitte Digital, MuleSoft’s 2022 Report highlights key findings and statistics from interviews with 1,050 IT leaders across industries worldwide.  

According to Kurt Anderson, Managing Director and API Transformation Leader at Deloitte Consulting, digital agility is now essential, allowing organizations to drive innovation at scale, deliver new initiatives faster, and create the experiences that customers and colleagues want.  

Hence, a modern strategy combining integration, API management, and automation is central to achieving digital agility.  

Gain deeper insight into how: 

  • Integration challenges could cost organizations millions 
  • IT struggles to deliver a surging volume of projects 
  • Leadership now mandates a company-wide API strategy 
  • APIs are helping organizations drive more value and revenue 

Download the report for data connectivity benchmark industry-wise and region-wise.  

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