Home News ‘The Eyes Say It All’: Hateful Leftist HR Job Recruiter Puts Ideological Foes on Notice in CREEPY Video

‘The Eyes Say It All’: Hateful Leftist HR Job Recruiter Puts Ideological Foes on Notice in CREEPY Video

‘The Eyes Say It All’: Hateful Leftist HR Job Recruiter Puts Ideological Foes on Notice in CREEPY Video

A crazy, viral video that’s drawing attention on Twitter is a perfect example of the type of leftist lunatics who have taken root in North American human resources departments where they have weaponized their job responsibilities to spread the “woke” agenda and engage in political retribution against their ideological enemies.

The bizarre rant comes from north of the border in Justin Trudeau’s Canada, a nation where many have been driven mad by COVID and their preening leftist leader’s demonizing of those who dared to speak out against his draconian lockdowns and restrictions as white supremacists and racists, turning millions of Canadians into enemies of the people in the eyes of their fellow citizens.

The short TikTok video has to be seen to be believed and it is astonishing that anyone, let alone an HR recruiter, would post such a brazenly fascistic diatribe on social media. Perhaps she was under the influence or is mentally disturbed or a combination of both but by doing so, she has done a great service by laying out what countless others in similar positions to hers probably think but would never openly admit.

The creepy video begins at the end of a sentence where the woman is denigrating “rights and freedoms” before she launches into the meat of her bizarre rant.

“But since you seem to forget that and you’re all loud and proud with your big thoughts and your big ideas and you want to whatever, set up f**kin’ hot tubs in Ottawa, I’m a recruiter,” she said as her face contorted into a mask of sheer hate.

“It’s a small, small, small industry, smaller than you think, same with HR,” she continued. “So, if you’re looking for a job, or maybe trying to keep a job, maybe, just maybe, think about what you’re putting on social media.”

“Again, freedom fighters, I know you’re not really big with stats, and you know, facts aren’t your thing you know, but, what I can tell you, what is a fact, is that recruiters talk and recruiters, like the majority of Canada don’t agree with you,” she said. “Do you know what that means? Do you have any guesses, any guesses what that means?”

“What that means is that if you need a job, you might not get one,” she gloated. “If you want to keep a job, you might not get to do that.”

“And, do you know what else HR’s good at? Documentation,” she continued, dragging out the word for emphatic effect. “You know what that means? You want to be an a**hole we document it, we give you a couple tries, then what do we do? We terminate you, with cause if we’re so lucky.”

“If not, we give you the minimum allowed by law, either way, best of luck to you,” she added. “Recruiters are watching, HR is watching, everywhere, and we hate you. We hate you so much.”

“And you think we can’t do anything, but we can,” she said, lowering her voice to a sinister whisper. “We have the power, always, remember that, it doesn’t matter if there’s a f**kin’ man at the top of your HR department, it’s run by women and it’s run by angry women just like me.”

The demonic rant conjured by the recruiter drew a heavy response on Twitter, the vast majority of it negative.

Alas, there could be a silver lining to the dark cloud of the “angry” HR lady’s rant, she appears to have been doxed because her political enemies aren’t the only ones being watched.

The Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) posted a statement on Twitter along with a link to information about its professional complaints process.

“HRPA is aware of this video post by one of its regulated members and does not condone or endorse in any way the statements made about HR practice therein. Further, HRPA is reviewing this matter to determine if there has been a breach of its Rules of Professional Conduct,” the organization wrote.

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