Identifying the most in-demand jobs can help assist those who are unemployed acquire the necessary digital skills to meet the challenge, according to Microsoft.

Using LinkedIn data, Microsoft identified 10 jobs that currently have high demand and future growth potential: software developer, sales representative, project manager, IT administrator, customer service specialist; digital marketing specialist; IT support/helpdesk; data analyst; financial analyst; and graphic designer.

As a part of its global skills initiative, the tech giant announced “Accelerate,” a new program to help skill underserved communities and re-skill Americans impacted by the pandemic for these in-demand jobs. The first of many city-focused digital skills and employment partnerships designed to upskill and increase employability will begin in Atlanta, according to Microsoft.

“Just last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics confirmed that the country ended the month of May with unemployment rates in the Black/African-American and Hispanic/Latino communities that were markedly higher than for white individuals,” Smith said in a blog post.

High unemployment due to the pandemic is also resulting in high competition amongst job seekers for tech positions, including recent college graduates. A Glassdoor Economic Research study released on June 22 found that the number of available positions with “entry-level” or “new grad” in the job title have decreased 68% from last year. Recent college graduates are applying to tech positions that require experience, which means they’re competing with skilled workers in the field that are also looking for jobs.

Microsoft was listed as No. 2 on Glassdoor’s list of employers attracting new grads. Amid the pandemic, the company also pivoted from its traditional on-campus internships to a virtual internship program this summer.