Home News How Election Day Results Could Impact HR and the Business World

How Election Day Results Could Impact HR and the Business World

How Election Day Results Could Impact HR and the Business World

Voting has ended and election night wrapped up with some interesting results around the nation. While the presidential outcome is not yet decided, many states voted on ballot initiatives relating to employment and the makeup of policy-making bodies around the country.

From the perspective of policy and governance over employment, HR Dive has covered some of the ways the workplace may change based on the results of the election. The presidential candidates hold differing views on topics such as immigration, labor protections, trade and where to prioritize federal investments. A new U.S. Supreme Court justice has been confirmed. Whether it is four more years of Trump or four years of a new administration, change is on the horizon.

Below are 12 stories on how the country and its employment practices may change in the coming months. For more on how industries and functions are impacted by the election results, Industry Dive has compiled its coverage across all 19 of its publications here.

  1. Where the presidential candidates stand on workplace issues
  2. Trump, Biden debate White House efforts to curtail racial sensitivity training
  3. DOL tackles questions about D&I training limits in FAQ document
  4. Amy Coney Barrett could bring employer-friendly shift to SCOTUS
  5. Trump immigration policies a source of frustration for employers
  6. Trump, Biden discuss COVID-19 response in competing town halls
  7. DOL revises FFCRA rules in response to court ruling
  8. In final debate, Trump and Biden clash on healthcare, minimum wage
  9. Scalia: Prompt, safe reopenings will preserve employment relationships
  10. DOL proposes new FLSA independent contractor test
  11. DHS proposal ditches H-1B visa lottery for wage-based selection process
  12. VP debate: Pence touts reg rollbacks; Harris warns of a ‘jobs crisis’

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