6 Ways to Bridge the Talent Gap With People Analytics

Investing time and resources into people analytics/ talent analytics can be the catalyst that enables your company to close its talent gaps. Keep reading to explore the 6 ways in which you can do that.

14 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Work Anniversaries in 2021

Celebrating work anniversaries falls under the broader umbrella of employee engagement, which is the cornerstone of a positive work environment and a strong company culture. Here are 14 interesting ideas.

2021 Best Practices for New Hire Onboarding

A strong onboarding program will set new employees up for a successful first day, and more importantly, a successful career at the company. Here are some tips and best practices. 

5 Pillars of an Effective Learning and Development Strategy

In a company with a clear and effective learning and development strategy, the talent pipeline is secure and team members receive appropriate management skills...

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