Your Guide to SHRM 2022—Workplace Policy Conference

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The Society of Human Resource Management is a renowned body that promotes, supports, sponsors, and educates everything about the role of HR as a profession. To date, the organization has engaged in various collaborative activities to promote this most important function of every industry. Human Resources under SHRM will gain a new meaning this time with the Workplace Policy Conference 2022. 

Following the growing COVID concerns and President Joe Biden’s action plan for the pandemic, this conference is also intended to help organizations navigate their workplace around the Government’s ever-changing policies and plans around managing the workplace. So, let’s explore why this major HR event of 2022 should be on your bucket list, including the other details of the show.

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About SHRM 2022

The 2022 SHRM Workplace Policy Conference will empower workplace leaders to gain the knowledge and skills they need to lead their organizations around the new workplace situations, as well as uplift the HR profession in the marketplace. The website describes the event as “an opportunity to cause the effect on federal, state and local public policies that impact your profession and your organization.”

Who is it meant for?

To be specific, this event is an opportunity for HR leaders, CHROs, and roles coming under the purview of HR who would like to understand the impact government actions might have on workplaces. If you play the vital role in influencing the current and future shape of your workplace, this is for you. Additionally, it is also meant for those who are helping their organization navigate federal and state government policies.

Date, Time, & Venue

The SHRM 2022 Workplace Policy Conference is a multi-day event happening from March 27 – 29, at Washington DC.

Keynote Speakers

WPC 2022 will draw in renowned HR leaders from across the globe. This highly influential chair will voice ideas and suggestions that will impact workplace cultures for years to come. The speakers list includes:

  1. Tim Storey, Executive Director, National Conference of State Legislatures
  2. Jody Thomas, Executive Director, National Foundation for Women Legislators
  3. Taryn Mackenzie Williams, Asst. Secretary for Labor for Disability Employment Policy, US Department of Labor
  4. Gwayne A. Wilcox, Board Member, National Labor Relations Board

More speakers will add to the list, according to the website.

Why should you visit? 

If you are someone who still needs more clarification to attend this workplace conference, here are 4 really significant reasons:

  1. Get hands-on training on tackling the “new workplace” challenges

Besides learning the latest policies, skills other unique tips from Capitol Hill veterans, you will also receive expert-level advice and guidance on how to deliver structured arguments around specific issues impacting your workplace.

  1. Engage with members of Congress

Since this is about advocating the changes in the legislation, members of Congress will be there. This is your opportunity to share the space with those decision-makers who are going to reshape HR as you know it. 

  1. Great networking opportunities

Want to voice your own opinions and concerns around the legislation? That’s great, because you are going to find people there who share the same mindset. CES 2022 will be the place to make lasting connections with other HR professionals, just like you.

  1. Personal development

Being the first to witness highly valuable information, while engaging with key policymakers and influential leaders, it will truly set you apart professionally, making your voice more important and heard within your own organization.

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