Workforce Vaccination: 5 Ways To Get Your Employees Vaccinated Fast

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Employers can play a major role in workforce vaccination. 

Now that multiple vaccines with 90% efficacy rates are in production and distribution, companies are returning or are in the process of devising a return to the physical workplace world. This, however, cannot be freely done until your entire workforce is immune to this deadly virus. 

Past records have shown how workplaces turned out to be the ideal breeding ground for the novel coronavirus. The consequence was a global shutdown – of all kinds of business and commerce – for more than a year.

While things are returning to normalcy, an unnecessarily delay might be caused if your employees are not timely vaccinated. For instance, Govt-initiatives vaccination programs haven’t covered entire populations in many countries. Furthermore, recent surveys show many are also reluctant to get the shot, 

It is, therefore, the duty of every employer to encourage employees in getting vaccinated. Without mass immunity, COVID-19 infection will never end. 

Employment expert Rob Wilson says, “Anything employers can do to encourage their staff to get the vaccine—or at least consider the vaccine and do more research into it before saying ‘no’ right away—will be incredibly beneficial not only for the company’s bottom line, but more importantly for saving countless lives.” 

HRs should take the lead in this initiative of getting back their companies to normalcy. They must work out an employee vaccination plan and explore other ways to make the workplace safer for every dependent. 

We have come up with these 5 steps to help HRs devise a vaccination campaign that will ensure a speedy inoculation of workforce.

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Here are 5 ways to ensure 100% workforce vaccination

1. Set up a plan/strategy for COVID

The first thing you must do is set up a committee that can address and understand issues rising because of COVID. Make the team responsible for addressing every question and concern related to the coronavirus. 

A dedicated group will go deeper and understand farther. Members of the committee will be responsible to answer questions posed in relation to the pandemic, formulate rules and workplace policies around the pandemic, and prepare better for other possible contingencies. 

2. Address hurdles 

The next primary area of focus is removing the obstacles that might lead to a slow vaccination. 

You can describe the following situations as hurdles:

  • Getting your employees to choose between work and vaccination
  • Not having COVID covered in the employee health insurance program
  • Not incentivizing or reimbursing employees who are going for paid vaccinations

Here’s the respective solution to each of the aforementioned problems:

  • Provide paid time off for vaccination
  • Have your insurance provider add COVID in the list of diseases they cover
  • Reimburse employees in full 

3. Create awareness and education

Encourage coronavirus vaccination like you encourage your employees for brand advocacy. 

As an employer, it is your duty to educate your employees about their health and safety. Collate correct, reliable information and communicate it to your employees through all the  internal channels in use. Circulate (accurate) surveys, content materials, news, and other items that may encourage them for vaccination. 

Additionally, you can bring in doctors and health experts to answer your employee concerns via a videoconference. Create workshops and KT sessions that discuss topics like vaccination benefits, pros and cons, aftermath, etc.

4. Turn your managers into vaccine spokesperson

There is this one person your employees communicate the most with – your managers. Turn them into vaccine specialists and they can serve as a catalyst in your COVID vaccination awareness program. 

5. Create your own corporate vaccination drive

Don’t just rely on your local government or mass vaccination programs. Instead, create your own corporate vaccination drives and encourage your employees to take part.

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