What Do Your Employees Expect From You?

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In every organization, HR managers know what they need from the employees while recruiting for a post, but have you ever thought about what your employees expect from you?

Every employee has certain expectations from the organization. How the company and the leaders of the company, act and meet their expectations. If you can’t meet their expectations they will start looking for the job elsewhere. 

Therefore it’s important to understand these expectations and fulfill them because your employees play a significant role in the company’s goal. If you will succeed where other organizations failed then it can provide an advantage in the notable landscape.

How to meet expectations in modern business

To improve employee’s engagement and to retain them in the business, you need to understand their needs. Your individual employees may not always be vocal always for their requirements in the organization, but many studies have pointed out what employees really want in the modern business world.

So let’s see what we know for sure:

In the modern business world, employees need modern work culture and need to be treated with respect. They need to be paid equitably, to trust and be trusted by the colleagues. And, for the opportunities, they need to use their skills and skills in their work.

As per the SHRM survey report, the top five contributors to job satisfaction were:

  • Job safety
  • Salary/pay, overall
  • The respectful approach of all employees at all levels
  • Possibility to use your abilities and skills in your work
  • Trust between employees and senior management

What’s noticeable about this entire list is that as per the SHRM report all the employees want them to be respectful in the organization. 

Above all, giving your employees an opportunity based on their abilities and skills will be the top contributor to their job satisfaction. They will also love it if you will give them the opportunity to learn something new and enhance their skills within the organization. 

Now other needs of your employees

Modern employees love an open work culture environment and look forward to work-life balance. Positive mentorship and good company culture are also in demand on modern employee’s list of expectations. Let’s check all other requirements of your employees.

Key Purpose

Modern employees are onboard by a sense of purpose, they just don’t want the salary only. As per a survey conducted it has seen that they want to be part of other enjoyable things in the organization with which they can make a difference in society. This can be the key factor in an employee’s happiness. 

If you are an organization then you should be transparent and communicate regularly with your employees about your business goals. Remind them on a regular basis what they have on your end-users, stakeholders, and consumers. This will help your employees feel a greater sense of purpose and let them find the meaning of life. 

Growth Opportunities

Employees who don’t feel that they have immense career growth opportunities in the organization will feel 3 times more likely to look for another job.

For younger employees, learning and growth opportunities in the organization are important while applying for a job. This is the area where many organizations are lacking, that their employees say that they learned something new in the past 30 days. 

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is also an essential part of an employee’s interest. Almost all the modern employees want that their onboarding process should be full of knowledge, where they can learn something new. And if it is not like this then they will likely leave the job before hitting the six-month mark.

Therefore, one of the main reasons to leave the job for an employee is a poor onboarding process. 


According to many MNCs surveys, it has been reported that recognition is the biggest need of an employee. If your employee is hardworking and is not recognized by the organization then this will affect the work and your employee will feel demotivated. 

On the other hand, if you will recognize their hard work and appreciate it, they went the extra mile at work. Recognition is the cost-effective way to motivate your employees. 

Retail Employees by Meeting their Expectations

In this pandemic, the world is changing and so the workplace! For an organization, it’s become important to meet employees’ expectations as well. In this way, organizations can retain and motivate their employees in a better way. From an open work, culture to provide a better learning platform, provide immense growth opportunities you can create an environment that people will love. 

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