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Women’s day is next week, which means you must be surely interested in knowing about the top women in the HR industry. 

Human resources is a challenging department. Managing humans can get tricky to almost impossible sometimes. However, various women leaders are making it seem like a cakewalk with their exceptional workplace skills and pioneering concepts. Today, we explore the top 10 women in HR and how they are making a difference in the corporate world.

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Here’s the list of top 10 women in HR

#1. Laurie Ruettimann

Once an accomplished HR, now she helps executives and HR leaders around the world improve their work environment. 

Laurie uses her innovative HR abilities and problem-solving strategies to help companies deal with toxic work environments. She has delivered keynote speeches at renowned events and conferences, and her clientele includes the who’s who of the HR industry, such as SHRM, workhuman, and Harvard Business School, to name a few.

#2. Aliza Licht

Founder of LEAVE YOUR MARK LLC, Licht specializes in brand marketing and digital strategy. Her expertise in storytelling and content helps her clients create compelling narratives and build brand equity. 

With over 20 years of experience, Licht also works as a global mentor and career coach. Her book, LEAVE YOUR MARK, is ranked #5 in Book’s Authority, “100 Best-Selling Career Development Books,” and has been translated into Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.

#3. Lolly Daskal

Huffington Post says, “Lolly Daskal is the most influential woman in the world.” 

Highly famous for founding Lead From Within, a leadership program, Lolly has helped leaders around the world enhance performance and make a difference in their businesses. 

One of the most sought-after women leaders in the world, Lolly’s expertise spans across 14 countries, 6 languages, and hundreds of global businesses. 

#4. Suzanne Lucas

If you have heard about “Evil HR Lady,” then you must surely know Suzanne Lucas. Funny and insightful, Suzzane founded, a blog that aims to demystify the human resources department with unique and coming-of-age articles about everything related to the domain. 

She has given 10 years to corporate human resources before giving in to writing full-time. 

#5. Jessica Miller-Merrell

Founder of Workology, the popular online HR and workplace resource, Jessica Miller-Merrell is an HR and workplace speaker, author, and consultant. 

She has spent over 15 years in the industry and has been quoted in famous magazines, including Entrepreneur, Forbes, and HR Magazine. 

#6. Felicia Fields

Felicia leads the highly renowned automobile manufacturer Ford Motors. Known for unique HR management skills and loyalty, Felicia has led the car manufacturing company through some of the most turbulent times in the industry. 

#7. Tracy Keogh

This CHRO of HP (Hewlett Packard) excels in change management and has been able to maintain the heritage of an 81-year-old company outstandingly. 

Having joined the company in 2011, she has transformed various practices in the company’s department – changes that have helped the company to grow with the constantly evolving landscape.

#8. Francine Katsoudas

From leading Cisco to being an enabler, Francine’s role is as simple and as diversified as the industry itself. Francine’s HR qualities are used as examples by human resource managers around the world. She’s also the pioneer of various innovative HR concepts. 

Her special focus on the pandemic and unique company-wide practices helped Cisco efficiently manage a remote workforce.

#9. Beth Galetti

It’s not easy to manage a company that comes under the “Top 10 companies around the world” category, but Beth does it beautifully, for Amazon.

Beth Galetti is that quiet HR leader who usually lets her exemplary work do most of the talking. She manages a workforce size of 647,000, distributed all over the world. 

#10. Donna Morris

The president and Chief People Officer of Walmart, Donna is a name every HR woman is proud of. Donna Morris is recognized for her perfection at work and flawless decision making that has helped world’s largest supermarket chain sail through every hiccup successfully.

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