Tips And Tricks To Hire And Retain Top Talent In 2021 And Beyond

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The secret to building a great company that consistently meets and exceeds its mandates is to hire and retain top talent. 

The competition for talent these days is fierce, even despite the pandemic. As Gen Zers enter the workforce in full swing and millennials climb to higher levels of management, your strategies for attracting, engaging, and retaining talented employees should be evolving. 

Millennial and Gen Z employees’ workplace expectation is very different compared to their counterparts from previous generations. They put more emphasis on following criteria rather than just pay or other monetary benefits. These criteria are:

  • Well-being  
  • Transparency  
  • Ethics  
  • Company culture
  • Flexibility  

To survive this tight talent market and cater to changing employee expectations, your organization should develop compassionate, versatile, and progressive talent management strategies that will appeal to both job-seekers and your current workforce. 

Here, we look at a few tips to hire and retain top talent.

Build a strong company culture

To hire and retain top talent and passionate individuals, you first have to build a dynamic company culture. This is the foundation to making your organization stand out from the crowd and be considered a good fit by the right employees. Remember, your company culture is heavily influenced by your practices and people, making it vital to ensure it radiates in every aspect of your operations.

Once you have refined your internal and external identity, you can rely on these outstanding attributes to appeal to the workforce. For ease in finding the perfect fit for your organization, it is best to partner with recruitment specialists to access a better pipeline of talented human resources.

Know your company’s mission and values

Identify the most important skills and values for your company. Then fill positions around those needs instead of just hiring one employee to replace another.

Candidates have a better time assessing their fit when you’re clear with your employer brand and values from the outset. Employees feel more engaged and are more likely to flourish when their values are aligned with those of their employer.

A Forbes article on smart hiring strategies recommends knowing your company’s value proposition and your target audience. Recruiting is selling, so it’s important to understand your organization’s selling points. 

Be upfront about how you are handling the pandemic

Top talent wants safety, flexibility, growth, and opportunity for themselves and their families. Be straight with your candidates about how the pandemic has impacted your business, what assurances you can offer (e.g., sick leave virtual workspace, health benefits, flexible hours, etc.), and what future opportunities may be on the table.

Invest in your people

Offering programs that help employees grow both professionally and personally is a great way to improve talent retention. These programs could be anything from courses that target certain skills in your industry to financial assistance for higher levels of education.  By guiding employees throughout their journey, you show that you’re genuinely interested in seeing them succeed in life. You will help them feel more valued and encourage stronger employee loyalty.

Building a culture of healthy mentorship in your organization is another way to lift your teams to higher levels of success. It supports collaboration and helps strengthen workplace relationships. Encourage managers and more experienced employees to act as mentors to their peers when appropriate.

As mentors, they can help new hires excel by providing support, guidance, and feedback, and they can also share their experience on what has helped them thrive at your organization. These mentors will be the first person a new hire goes to whenever they need assistance or advice.

Focus on diversity

The lack of diversity in industries ranging from IT to finance has been a hot-button issue over the last few years. However, those that make a diverse workforce a priority, by being more inclusive in hiring practices and reducing bias in the recruiting process can benefit from creating a more diverse company culture, with employees bringing a wider range of insights and experiences to the table.

Create a remote workforce

Working virtually continues to be a growing trend in the United States. In the past two decades, the volume of employees who have worked at least partially by telecommuting has quadrupled and now stands at 37%.

This makes it possible to recruit from anywhere in the world. It will get you the best candidates based on their skills from around the corner. Offering remote work also helps to hire and retain top talent. It will boost employee satisfaction thanks to an increase in work-life balance. 


Your biggest assets are your employees, and it is critical to give your all to hire and retain top talent. Managing your employees effectively and valuing their efforts are key to organizational success.

Your employees will be motivated to work harder and stick around longer when you do the following thing:

  • Treat your people with respect
  • Support their growth
  • Cater to their needs

Leverage these tips for ease in attracting, recruiting, and maintaining the best workforce.

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