Things That Can Kill Employees’ Trust in Managers

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It’s difficult to find good managers.

If you’re a manager then you must be thinking that this statement is not true. But, in today’s digital workplace, team members want more support and positivity from you than ever before

Changing your language is one method to improve your image and relationships with people. Every word conveys an attitude and eliminating those that cause dissatisfaction can help you become a better, more compassionate boss.

The following seven expressions detract from trust and should be avoided by any manager:


For any supervisor, this expression is the kiss of death. It’s a turnoff since it implies that you, as a boss, disagree with the company’s policies and don’t reflect the company’s leadership.

Instead, take control of the policy. “It’s a business policy that you have to come into the office on Thursdays,” for example, isn’t very compassionate. Instead, you can say, “The new work-from-home procedures include one day when everyone can be expected to be here for meetings.” You can also add in a line or two about how it benefits everyone in the organization to hold in-person events.


This expression may be upsetting to an employee, but situations do change, and such changes must be handled with greater care.

Explain that the company had to make a difficult decision that, sadly, impacts everyone when what you promised is no longer achievable (e.g., a pay raise is not going through because all wages have been frozen). However, demonstrate that you have the employee’s back. Declare that the employee’s pay raise will be kept “on your radar” and that you will notify them when their salaries are no longer frozen.


A manager should never state, “I need you in this capacity” (e.g., “I’m not going to promote you because I need you in this role”).

Managers should recognize that elevating their team members not only benefits the team member but also reflects highly on the management and their leadership.


When a boss asks to be copied on emails, he or she is expressing doubt.

If you wish to be copied on the correspondence, it means you either don’t trust your employee’s judgment or feel compelled to intervene. Or you don’t believe the employee has credibility in the chain of command (and you believe your name has more weight!). You are undercutting your employee in any circumstance.

Instead, request that your employee “keep me updated on how things are doing” and “let me know if you ever need my help.” “I’m here to help you.” Assuring your team members that you believe they can handle a project can boost their self-esteem and loyalty to you.

Concluding it…

Start by eliminating these practices from your workplace if you’re serious about fostering employee trust. When you’re not killing trust quicker than you can create it. It’s far easier to build a better relationship with employees.

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