Must Ask Questions in Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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When employees are satisfied it’s always being seen that they are more engaged, productive, and happy. All the successful companies are backed by hardworking, satisfied, and motivated employees, it shows like the organization is no need to worry about the employed satisfaction survey.

Evidently, that is not the case.

You may believe it or not, but in this world, there are many people who hate their jobs according to the latest survey. Behind that, there may be many reasons why this is happening. 

For instance; many of the workers don’t like the managers, some don’t like the organization policies, others may don’t like their coworkers. Many of them feel that their hard work is not being recognized. 

Some may feel good. Others may feel they are underpaid. And others don’t believe in the company’s policy how they treat their employees. 

To analyze and tackle these issues company’s HR department should do an employee satisfaction survey. This will directly help the organization to understand whether their employees are satisfied with their jobs or not? Not only this but if they are not it will also help to understand what is the issue they are facing. This will help the organization to improve the policies and work environment from both the perspective of employer and employee.

Why Employee Satisfaction Surveys are important?

Low job satisfaction of employees can impact the organization in many ways. Some of them are:

  • If employees are not fully satisfied then they can’t be fully productive.
  • With time unsatisfied employees can be toxic for the organization and can increase turnover, pollute the work environment, and hurt employee’s morale. 
  • Unsatisfied employees can lead to their bad attitude to your customers which automatically will decrease your brand value and your bottom line.
  • Unsatisfied employees come to the office every day which they don’t like and this ruthless behavior can ruin the office environment. 
  • If in case the company has unsatisfied senior managers or team leaders then it can stop attracting new talent. 

The unsatisfied employees of an organization are a loss to it. Whereas, improved employees will make the organization stronger. For this organization should conduct employee satisfaction surveys at regular intervals. 

In this blog, we will discuss few employee satisfaction survey questions that you should include in your organization survey for a better understanding.

Let’s get started.

Do you like your organization’s work culture?

The main factors which are related to employee’s happiness are intangible for instance work, culture, interpersonal relationships, and work environment. 

If employees don’t like organizational culture, then it’s impossible for the organization to achieve its set goals. 

How are your co-workers?

If employees have issues in coordinating with each other then it’s very difficult to have a smooth relationship between co-workers. 

It is impossible for your employees to work in an organization where they can’t convey their thoughts or don’t have friends.

Do your seniors value your feedback?

Anyone can have fantastic new ideas in a team whether he/she is not a senior manager. It’s disheartening when they have it and their seniors don’t respond to them. 

If employees are not asking for your feedback then they are surely unsatisfied with the seniors or management.

What changes do employees want to see in the organization?

It’s necessary to understand the employee’s willingness to make changes in the organization. They will feel glad when you will take their feedback and do the necessary changes for both employee’s and the employer’s benefit. 

Do you feel valued for your hard work?

25% of employees of an organization don’t feel valued for their dedication and hard work. If you want your employees to stick around you should give your employees recognition.

Does management invest in the success of your team?

If your employees feel positive about the organization that it is investing its time in employee’s benefit, then this will surely lead employees to stay satisfied in the organization. 

A comprehensive employee survey. will definitely be going to help your organization and understanding the organization’s employees. While creating a survey keep few things in mind for instance; keep it short, to-the-point and ask for the improvements as per their suggestions. This will help you to get real-time feedback to inform your next decision. 

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Must Ask Questions in Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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