Moving From Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Blend

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Work-life balance is evolving. The concept of work-life and family-life separated from each other is an expectation every professional aim to achieve. Leaders of the corporate world have argued immensely over the concept and have made distinguishing suggestions. And, a majority of them arrive at the point of not merging the two. The question is, are we really following their advice and keeping the balance between work and life?

Is work-life balance coming to an end?

In a digital age, it is more than difficult to stay away from work when you are with the family. The same goes for your family when you are at work. Today, the biggest distraction is not the count of friends or the family, but the number of online channels you are a part of. 

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The Internet has brought you closer to not just those colleagues who shared your first company with, but also students from your first grade. 

We believe that the thin line between work and life is blurring and the word ‘balance’ doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, a new trend is taking shape and the best terminology we can assign to the trend is “work-life blend.”

Work-life blend

That’s a bit more practical and correct way of referring to our age-old concept of “work-life balance.” 

Work-life balance saw the biggest disruption ever since the pandemic happened. Most of the workforce has been forced to work remotely or from home. Employees who were silently thanking their stars for getting the opportunity to work endlessly from home never foresaw what was coming. Instead of working from 9-5, work hours extended till 10 or midnight. 

Remember the Zoom memes that were recently making the rounds of the internet? With more time spent on video conferencing and a manageable infrastructure, employees were forced to give more time to their work. 

The work-life balance that was nearing its extinction finally breathed its last when the pandemic hit. Today, every employee working from home looks at the weekend the same way they used to when life was normal. 

The death of work-life balance simultaneously gave birth to a work-life blend. 

Employees are gradually finding new ways to make work and life stay in harmony with each other. Additionally, companies are also chipping in and contributing to creating positive collaboration. Companies are enabling team leaders and managers with the necessary tools and powers to keep their subordinates motivated. 

Panning out

Flexible working arrangements are redefining the way employees observed work-life balance. The newly incorporated work-life blend is getting much acceptance around the world. Employees who usually used work-life balance as a reason to quit organizations are now taking motivation from work-life blend to stay longer. This new model of work that mixes work, home, and everything else is the new standard of the new normal. 


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