HR Goals Every Company Must Focus on in 2021

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The much-awaited 2021 is finally here and business leaders must spare some time and sit with their HR departments to discuss the new HR goals and expectations for the company. 

Initially when COVID-19 emerged and disrupted almost every industry, no industry expert could tell anything about the future. All existing goals and strategies were shown the backdoor and novel ideas were given an opportunity. In many ways, the uncertainties and transformations of 2021 worked like a real tutor and guided experts in understanding what business models can help manage a pandemic-like situation.

Your HR department has made some excellent choices and suggestions in 2020. Now, it’s time they look forward to 2021 and figure out the goals that will serve your company and its stakeholders the best.

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More support for (Remote) employees

When COVID-led lockdown forced employees to stay indoors, organizations had no choice left but to adopt the remote-work culture. However, not very far from adopting, organizations started understanding the business benefit of remote working. 

As a result, many organizations started looking deeper into the concept and tried finding innovative ways to it. 

Today, Facebook predicts that 50% of its workforce might go remote in the next 5 to 10 years. Twitter went a step further and allowed its employees to work from home for an indefinite period. 

All these trends point towards a single goal – How HRs can make working-from-home more easy and productive for employees. 

HRs must plan to build adaptable organizations that truly support all kinds of work styles.

Form cross-functional teams

A nice way to promote collaboration, cross-functional work strategies help bring the company together and keeps several departments engaged at the same time. 

HR leaders who will be able to bring different teams together will be able to:

  • Promote skill development
  • Build team spirit
  • Generate new ideas
  • Present innovative business solutions
  • Solve intricate business challenges faster

Create a line of great managers

This is not the time when your company can succeed just with anyone, provided the cash flow is surplus. Today, you need people who are not just great at what they do, but also as a human being.

Companies who are able to place ‘humanity’ above everything else are actually the ones that are experiencing profits despite the pandemic. This humbleness sources its origin to great managers who work for you. 

HRs must spend some time in finding and rewarding such professionals – and create more like them. 



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