How Recruiters Are Maintaining ‘Unprecedented’ Workloads?

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Last year recruiters were just trying to keep busy but this year they are so in demand so they can hardly keep up. 

The job market is overflooding during the pandemic which “decimated” the hiring process from many clients of different recruiting platforms. In many organizations, most of the recruiters are the bunch of the folks who can transition to other jobs, so they didn’t necessarily lose their jobs.

As per the Lever survey, many recruiters have shifted their gears in the pandemic, either they have availed leaves or shifted to assist other departments. Others have made themselves busy with rethinking recruiting processes or engaging more with workers.

A huge change in the recruiter’s hiring has been seen as the job market jerked recruiters’ attention back to job seekers. In this year Q1 and Q2 2021 hiring has increased above the roof. Almost all recruiting departments are expected to hire not like pre-pandemic but now more hires per month than they’ve done ever before.

Let’ discuss what are the key factors considered to maintain ‘Unprecedented’ Workloads:

Trending Up

While other industries are being decimated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but others ramping up the recruiting process to meet the demand like brick and mortar retailers.  The biggest industry is healthcare which is looking to increase staffing levels as systems prepare for worst-case situations already being seen. 

And due to pandemics, many businesses switch to reduce virus exposure, delivery drivers, warehousing and distribution are also hiring at a big scale.

Essential retailers were hiring during the pandemic as well to meet the demand. For instance, big box stores, grocers, pharmacies, and chains are hiring at scale to meet demand.

Trending Down

Different industries such as travel, restaurant, and hospitality are among the most hard-hit by the virus. And so, there the pandemic is forcing layoffs around the world.

Industries like hotel and restaurant chains, airlines, and the local family-run restaurant have faced huge losses during the pandemic. 

These big industries may be far-reaching and long-term but they need at least 5 years to fully recover. Some have said that half of the airline industry has suffered a lot because of the outbreak. The ripple effect of restrictions in travel has also impacted a host of other businesses, from huge conglomerates to small manufacturing and service organizations that provide supplies and services in airports and others.

Because of the coronavirus, bars, and entertainment venues also have faced a huge impact. 

How Recruiters Can Easily ‘Unprecedented’ Workloads?

For recruiters, it’s been a great opportunity to take a step back from the grind and listen to employees and develop relationships before started working with them. This will help them in smooth communication and lead to people on both sides of the recruiting equation.

Being empathetic, personal, actually hearing instead of waiting for your turn to talk — can a great differentiator for HR managers.

You can either exchange a candidate for the job you have or accept what the candidate is looking for.

Likewise, there are many other key drivers which recruiters can deploy in their department and easily handle the workloads during the pandemic as well.

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How Recruiters Are Maintaining ‘Unprecedented’ Workloads?

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