Discrimination at Modern Workplace

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Neha Verma
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During the last few centuries, our society has developed all thanks to free thinkers who have stood against injustice that was around them. One of the big injustices was employment discrimination or where employers or seniors managers discriminate against employees or an applicant because of his/her age, gender, color, disability, or religion. 

To stop workplace discrimination, the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) was formed in 1964. The commission work to enforce US federal laws to prevent such discrimination and many of us are aware of its guidelines as well.

But, after enforcing these policies also personal prejudices and unconscious biases still are there and sometimes affect others drastically. In such instances, the superiors will discriminate against employees without knowing they are already violating the law. At present time physical aggression or violence may not be there, but discrimination in other forms is still alive. 

Some Common Types of Workplace Discrimination:

Finding Glitches

If one is simultaneously get reprimanded easily after committing simple errors, he must be going under discrimination. This case will become even more instances when the same manager will not say anything to another employee who has committed a serious mistake and may give him a second chance even. 

Failure to Be Promoted or Unfair Demotion

An employee is facing discrimination when he didn’t get a promotion or salary increment even after many years of quality services. On the other hand, a newcomer got appreciation, promotion, and hike despite the lack of skill.

Tolerate Discrimination

Mostly in huge organizations, employees suffering from discrimination by his/her colleague, and management fails to address it and make responsible individuals accountable.

Unequal Compensation and Rewards

If an employee is not getting the right amount of compensation because of his/her age, gender, color, disability, or religion whereas other employees will get commendations for the same achievements, then that is also discrimination. 

All these types of discrimination have one thing in common, that senior’s actions or inactions because of which employee has to suffer discrimination. Many laws prohibit discrimination in the employment sector. 

How to Fight Discrimination?

Against any discrimination happening in the organization if the employer, manager, or any supervisor is not taking any action then employees should know what to do. 

Keep Evidence

Physical evidence always plays a vital role so do collect these because it proves that you have been subject to discrimination. These may include; letters or memos from HR, payslips, employment contracts, and others.

Keep Notes

Not that you are waiting for anything worse, but when you start experiencing anything bad from your seniors start taking notes of every detail. For instance; what are you facing, how it affected you, what actions were taken by your organizations and so. This will be your primary source of discrimination because it’s difficult to prove modern discrimination. 

Learn About Discrimination Laws:

It is always a great idea to know your rights and have extra knowledge to protect your rights as a citizen and employee. Some people may advise you or tell you that you are not being discriminated against but when the federal law states otherwise then better to believe the law. 

Know Whether Your Company Has an Anti-Discrimination Policy or Not 

When you know about anti-discrimination laws, check your employee handbook or policy file regarding the laws your organization has created to prevent discrimination. Almost all the companies have things and curriculum to follow the anti-discrimination policy. 

Report to Your Seniors or Seek Legal Assistance

Now that you have physical evidence, and you have been noted the instance when you have been discriminated against, it is time to talk to your superiors about it. Some seniors will take the action but some will deny the discriminative practices. In this case, don’t hesitate of taking legal counsel which is important for your secure future in the organizations. 

Believe in equality and diversity!

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Discrimination at Modern Workplace

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