Digital HR: Revolution to Everyday Work

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We live in a world that prioritizes remote access. Companies are adopting remote working arrangements and developing globally scattered teams after two years of lockdowns and work from home instructions.

Companies are using HR technology to streamline talent management and provide a consistent employee experience to promote hybrid work.

The greatest HR teams are digitizing their HR operations to hire, onboard, and upskill personnel through a single central platform, moving beyond spreadsheets and filing cabinets.

Eliminating manual paper-based processes saves time, eliminates human error, and provides HR analytics with a mechanism to demonstrate ROI.

Aimee Sandford, Four Walls Realty’s Operations Manager, says the company’s transition to digital HR has changed the way they do business.

Breath was chosen by Four Walls Realty to lead its digital HR transformation and to unify its personnel procedures into a single, user-friendly platform.

“Adopting a new HR technology system has saved us so much time, and we enjoy that the information is accessible from anywhere.”

One Central Home for HR 

As Four Walls Realty expands, having everything the HR department requires in one location becomes more crucial.

“All aspects of the HR process were managed manually.” “As the company evolved, it was sensible to look at our choices,” Sandford explains.

HR processes used to be distinct and time-consuming. To accommodate a rising workforce, however, all personnel data needed to be consolidated.

“We previously ran spreadsheets and used paper-style lodgement systems,” Sandford explains.

“Staff would apply for leave on a paper form that would be marked as approved and signed off on, scanned, and saved as a file on the server. License expiries, passwords, booked leave, etc. were all kept and managed in spreadsheets.” 

Making People Management Effortless

Even as Four Walls Reality expands, its HR team can ensure that every new employee receives a superior experience.

Breath assists new employees with onboarding by providing extensive online training that allows them to get up and running quickly.

“Since introducing Breathe, hiring new employees has been a breeze. Sandford adds, “We can have new staff evaluating procedures before they even start!”

Existing employees may also train and upskill using the Breathe platform, making it simple to develop promising talent and plan for future skill needs.

Managing vacation requests and payroll is quick and straightforward, even across several offices and geographies.

“Our payroll is managed from a different town altogether so reports are simply generated and entered into our payroll platform. Previously the manager would have to email a summary to the payroll officer each week,” explains Sandford. 

Powerful Insights and Reporting 

One of the most valuable features of a digital HR system is the ability to see what’s working — and what isn’t — all in one place.

Teams may detect bottlenecks, and activities that need to be completed, and receive full visibility of each stage of the employee experience with all employee data in one location.

Other companies interested in digitizing their HR should find a partner that emphasizes their needs, according to Sandford.

“Ultimately it came down to value for money and service for us,” she says.

“Breath was the quickest to get back to our inquiry, they were also able to schedule our demo before anyone else and we found their pricing very reasonable for what they were offering in functionality.”

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