Changing HR To Drive Organizational Improvements

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HR has suffered a lot in terms of an identity crisis. To make more changes within the organizations, we should more consider how we will do that?

For a long time, HR performs the most important and strategic, and transformational role in an organizational change. In practical terms, there is a shift in this direction of practical terms. Whereas in a survey it comes that 80% of the participants of HR Practitioners and HR managers from different countries and industries have mentioned HR as being mainly focused on transactional problems. 

In years of practice, many of the organization’s HR has led in the progress of moving towards the strategic change since the component of HR’s role has been accepted.

HR has played an important role in the organizational change rather than just a bit player and it clarifies what this means in organizations now and in the future as well. 

Clear HR Role

People are giving significant importance to the success of any type of change in an organization done by HR. If we focus on how transformational change affects the organization in today’s era of accelerating, complex and continuous change. 

HR needs to focus on people’s points of view of organizational change which needs to be done in the context of improving individual wellbeing and organizational effectiveness. 

It is true that HR needs to meet the expectations and improve the work policy of the workplace and meet the expectations of both types of internal and external stakeholders in the organizational change.

Focus and Influence of HR 

The main vision of HR is to make critical things easy and make it smooth. If it will move forward then deep specialization in many areas which are; employee relations, benefits, compensation will not be that important than the ability to work passionately. 

If work changes then the foundation on which HR is based will also change. This will impact the new world of work and the base of HR will be more focused and influenced. HR needs to extend its criteria and scope of influence beyond the old traditional lines of the function in an organization. 

  • Differently thinking about the stakeholders

Stakeholders also have to consider from the external perspective rather than the internal perspective only. Implying a stakeholder lens will drive a significant shift in HR thinking.

  • Developing new capabilities

HR has to adopt new thinking and apply new skills and behavior which will allow the organization to succeed in the digital age. 

  • Expanding the expectation of the HR

HR has to raise its focus during driving substantial, moderate value over the organization.

  • Improving the ability through which HR transactional activities happen using mechanization

HR will have to generally extend the latest technology in order to increase productivity,  condition and to explain the employee experience. In addition, HR will have to obtain the data that will promote the growth of more data-driven decision making.

With rapid and continuous change occurring within and beyond organizations, the decision about where to focus time and attention is a critical one. The areas outlined above should be at the forefront of the HR agenda in order to transform the function. The HR Agenda has to be transformed into a finely tuned and effective engine. It should be transformational, relevant, a value creator, and stakeholder-centric helping to drive the organization forward.

With continuous changes occurring within and beyond organizations, it is critical to focus on time and attention and make a decision. The areas mentioned above effective and finely tuned engines that will be transformational, a value creator, relevant, and stakeholder-centric helping to take the organization forward.

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