5 Must-Watch Movies for Every HR Professional

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Movies haven’t been solely the greatest source of entertainment, but also inspiration. There have been directors who have worked unimaginably hard to portray the exact future of science, religion, technology, etc., via their exemplary movies. Undoubtedly, there is a big list of great movies that would inspire HR professionals too. We have narrowed it down to the top 5 must-watch movies for every HR professional.

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Here’s the list of top 5 Must-watch movies for every HR professional 

#1. Office Space

A 1999 American Black Comedy film, Office Space satirizes the work life of a software company during the late 90s. The movie portrays the lives and plights of people when they are lost in the sea of cubicles. This workplace satire became a cult-classic and inspired many to follow the lives of characters portrayed in the movie. Speaking about the movie’s performance, Director Mike Judge said, “Jim Carrey invited me to his house. Chris Rock left me the best voicemail ever. I had dinner with Madonna”, who found the Michael Bolton character’s anger “sexy.”

#2. The Intern

The movie explores a unique concept of making a 70-year-old guy work as an intern, one of the many charms the movie has to offer. The story shows a man in his 70s becoming a senior intern at an online fashion website, driven mostly by millennials. 

As unbelievable as it sounds, the movie portrays the wonders of bringing together experience and energy and how this duo can help tackle the most difficult challenges – even the personal ones

#3. The Social Network

If a multi-billion dollar business can be born in a dorm room, nothing else is impossible. The Social Network offers the fascinating story behind the creation of the most popular and beloved social media network, Facebook. 

From the revolutionary drama to building a business from scratch, this is definitely a must-watch movie for HR professionals. 

#4. Mangalyaan

So what would you do if you are given an impossible target to achieve within the tightest schedule and lowest budget? You watch Mangalyaan.

An Indian movie, Mangalyaan is the inside story of how ISRO, India’s space research organization, tried and achieved a Mars mission in its first attempt. The movie showcases lots of workplace skills like, strategizing, decision-making, last-minute improvisations, handling budget constraints, etc. The ultimate message to HRs from this movie will be: when sheet determination and hard work comes together under one roof, every impossible is possible.

#5. Invictus

Based on the true story of Nelson Mandela, this is another must-watch movie that elucidates many aspects of leadership and motivation. The movie’s pivotal part is how Mandela becomes the president of a nation that imprisoned him for 27 years. 

Mandela’s ability to communicate and motivate the people of South Africa is the true message for HRs here. The lesson to learn here is how they must strive to bring out the positives of employees who have become disengaged and pessimistic for some reasons.

Boost your leadership skills by watching these movies today.




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