4 Ways to Get Innovative with Your Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

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Employee onboarding is an art. It demands as much creativity as other HR processes. The orientation process involves much more than a formal introduction, form filling, and joining the respective teams. Employees expect their first day in the company to be light, engaging, and interesting. In fact, 69% of employees are likely to continue working in a company for 3 years if they experience a good employee onboarding process.

With the Covid-19 pandemic demanding virtual hiring and onboarding, it is crucial to give importance to employee experience. Getting a little creative and thinking out-of-the-box strategies for orientation will keep the new joiners engaged and interested. After all, who would like to watch a never-ending PPT of company details the entire day!

But with innumerable tasks in hand, even you as an HR can fall short of ideas to conduct an innovative employee onboarding process. We bring you some interesting ideas to try and see how the new employees respond to your orientation.

4 Creative Ways of Conducting Employee Onboarding Process

1 Offer a Virtual Tour of the Workplace

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hiring has become completely virtual. But, to conduct an engaging orientation, you can offer a virtual tour of the office showing the workspaces, amenities provided inside the office, and other interesting things through photos or short videos. Include all the tidbits you want the new employees to know and get creative with your storytelling. Make them acquainted with the company’s vision, principles, culture, etc. during the employee onboarding process.

2 Provide a Visually Delightful Digital Handbook

A digital handbook with all important company details will be quite helpful for the new employees. While working in a remote setup, it can be difficult to collaborate frequently over video calls to highlight all important aspects of the company, company policies, HR policies, or any other significant information that new employees must know. HR can get creative here and design a visually interesting yet informative digital guide and mail it to the new joiners on their first day. This guide can function as their first go-to platform for any queries related to company policies, etc. The icing on the cake can be including a digital copy of a handwritten note from the CEO or the top management. A small gesture that could put a wide smile on your new hires and make them feel included.

3 Wow New Employees with Company Merchandise

A small, thoughtful collection of merchandise is a great way to make your new employees feel special. You can include fancy stationery, a company calendar diary with their name engraved on it, eatables, or even a personalized, handwritten welcome note! Wow your new hires in their first week and make it memorable, fun, and fascinating for them. The first few days are crucial to building a bond for both HR and the new joiners. And, investing time and effort helps create healthy professional relationships.

4 Introduce New Employees to the Top Management

This is one of the most important parts of your new employee onboarding process. Introducing new employees to the head of each department allows them to interact with the top management and learn about the company hierarchy. This brings new perspectives and shows new hires that the top management is closely involved with their employees.

There are several other ways you can make the employee onboarding process engrossing. But the main thing is to interact with them, listen to their views, answer their queries, and above all, make them feel welcome.

So, what is your innovative new employee onboarding strategy? Let us know in the comments below. And, don’t forget to share this post with all your HR friends and peers.

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4 Ways to Get Innovative with Your Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is an art. It demands as much creativity as other HR processes. Read the blog for tips to conduct orientation creatively.

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