4 Great HRM Certification Courses to Upskill Yourself

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Learning and change are the only things constant in life! There has never been a better time to learn a new skill. Especially, today when the entire world has shifted to a remote work phase due to the global health crisis. It’s now more than ever that your people need HR support and assistance. Are you prepared to manage and support the remote workforce of today who are going through a plethora of challenges and emotions? This means the same skills won’t help you get anywhere. Also, regardless of where you are in your career, there’s always room for growth. In other words, you need to upskill! While podcasts, webinars, and books are a great way to upscale – but nothing can ever compare to digital HRM certification courses that intend to refine your HR skills to lead and manage today’s remote workforce.

Not just that it will also help you elevate the people strategy at your organization and create a better work environment. There are plenty of HRM certification courses that you could enroll in. To help you begin this journey and give it a great start – we’ve gathered a list of 4 useful courses that we believe will help you a great deal. 

Top 4 HRM certification courses for you

1.  Creating Meaning For Employees by Alison

Today with so much chaos surrounding the remote workplaces and the stress induced by the global health crisis – creating meaning for your employees is more important than ever. In other words, as HR leaders you need to make sure that your employees’ personal goals are in sync with your organization’s business goals. Aligning both these objectives is crucial when it comes to creating a meaningful work experience for your employees. And this course covers how to do just that so that your people feel connected to your organization and perform to the fullest of their abilities. Most importantly, this high-rated course is free and can be completed within a span of 1 to 2 hours.

2. Human Resources – Recruitment and Selection by Open Learn

One of the challenges that HR leaders are facing in today’s digital remote work world is that of hiring the right candidate. As a solution to this problem, this free online course from Open Learn covers everything related to selecting and hiring the right candidate. Also, this course comprises topics such as person-job fit versus person-organization fit, tips to write effective recruiting descriptions, and strategies to conduct meaningful job interviews. Thereby, make this entire recruitment process happy and memorable for both you and the candidate.

3. HR Management and Analytics Program by Wharton University

Analytics is becoming a major part of all business strategies today. And this HRM certification course combines theory with practical application to help you get a holistic view of strategic HR management and people analytics. Also, offers great insights on how you can use HR analytics to improve collaboration. Not just that, it also covers strategies to leverage data analysis to identify internal biases and review the hiring and other HR processes. In addition, highlights important HR management topics such as:

  • How to boost motivation among employees
  • Improve communication, and
  • Retain your employees

4. Urban Labor Markets and Employment Policy by MIT

This MIT course by Professor Paul Osterman highlights the urban labor markets and their functioning. The entire course is divided into 3-hour sessions per week – lasting nearly 11 weeks. And it covers issues like the youth labor market, living wage campaigns, and trade unions. To add on, this free online HR graduate-level course is also a part of the Sloan School of Management curriculum. Moreover, this course covers everything you need to know about labor markets and different employment policies, a must-have knowledge for all the HR leaders.

And there are plenty of HRM certification courses out there…

In this blog, we have mentioned just a few courses to get you started with your L&D journey. If you feel we have missed any HR management course that you would like to share, please drop us a comment!

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