2021 HR Predictions: Where Should Be HR’s Focus?

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The key to an impactful organization is great HR architecture, which comes when you keep adapting. Every year, smart companies revise their goals and plans by taking lessons from the current year and observing – recent and upcoming – trends. Today, we will be talking about such top 2021 HR predictions.

The HR industry has been more pivotal than any other in 2020. The department faced the biggest challenge they have ever encountered – keeping the organization intact at a time when each and every employee was isolated. 

Things eventually led to “new normal” and HRs had to reshape their long-term plans. 

As we move to 2021, new challenges and surprises await the department. Your HR managers have two options here. First, they face the challenge head-on and unplanned when it presents itself. Second, they try to surmise what is about to happen and have a strategy in place. 

If you are someone who will go for the second option, we have just the thing for you.

Today, we share the top 2021 HR predictions that will shape the industry in the forthcoming year. 

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Top 3 HR predictions for 2021

Employee well-being will take centerstage

According to the “Headspace for Work 2020 Mental Health Trends Report,” 89% of employees expect companies to offer mental health benefits. 

Current social unrest and unprecedented outcomes are putting companies in more difficult situations than ever. This eventually comes down on the workforce, who takes the real beating. 

This has led organizations to understand the gap between what employers offered and what employees actually needed. 

And this actually pays off. CHROs of unilever found that they were getting a return of $2.5 for every dollar spent on employees

Companies that are sharing the burnout of employees and prioritizing their health above everything else are tasting success in vast levels. This trend will be the key to success for most industries in 2021.

More companies will go “permanently remote”

Infosys, an ITES companies that offers its services to a worldwide clientele, has plans on moving 33%-50% of its workforce to remote work. 

Shopify has enabled all its employees to work from home almost indefinitely. So has Twitter.

Siemens, a global industrial electrical engineering and electronics corporation that started its operations in 1847 is thinking of moving its whooping 140,000 employees to work from home for two to three days per week. 

COVID has permanently changed the perception companies had towards the concept of remote work. Even companies who were skeptical of the idea are now deriving benefits out of it in many ways. 

In 2021, don’t get surprised if you see remote as the default working model for all employees – even when COVID is over. 

Meet the new clustered-hybrid-office

While trends like Re-opening and Returing-to-Work are slowly bringing back the physical workplace culture, Industry experts across HR are discussing more ways to build tomorrow’s trusted workplace. 

Many organizations are rethinking downsizing their farm-sized office areas into a cluster of small offices functioning in multiple cities. 

So, instead of accommodating 500 employees from all over the nation in one metropolitan, they can have offices across the country accommodating only native employees. 

Furthermore, these offices will be more personalized and hi-tech to enable flawless security, well-being, collaboration, and communication. 


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