10 Hard and Soft Skills HRs Value the Most Now

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Workplace and the future of work is not what we imagined. Jobs in the forthcoming times are likely to be extremely myriad, some of which you can barely imagine right now. And what’s even more varied are ‘skills.’ 

Today, the most-sought after skills tend to change; they are likely to be evolved or get replaced, thanks to the pandemic-led relentless digital transformation. There is an entirely new range of hard and soft skills HR professionals are interested in right now.  

Researchers at the University of Memphis recently proposed in 2018 that Collaborative Problem Solving will be the most sought-after skill in the coming times. They explained, “Collaborative problem solving is an essential skill in the workforce and the community because many of the problems faced in the modern world require teams to integrate group achievements with team members’ idiosyncratic knowledge.” It’s 2021 and you can say whether they were correct. 

That also brings us to the question: What about my core technical skills?

It goes without saying that your core technical work skills will always be wanted. However, the modern world today presents its own sets of new challenges and your core work skills won’t suffice alone. Investing some time towards gaining new hard and soft skills can help reduce the number of opportunities you are currently losing. More skills in your professional arsenal is extremely vital in this digital age. 

Today, we will cover 10 most important hard and soft skills HR professionals are valuing the most right now. The insights are based on a survey by Zety, which recorded responses from 205 top recruiters, HRs, and hiring managers in the US. Gaining them will make you a cut above. 

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10 most essential soft skills:

  1. Teamwork (57%)
  2. Communication (55%)
  3. Time management (46%)
  4. Problem-solving (45%)
  5. Creativity (44%)
  6. Leadership (40%)
  7. Organisation (34%)
  8. Emotional intelligence (33%)
  9. Decision-making (28%)
  10. Stress management (15%

10 most essential hard skills:

  1. Analytical skills (53%)
  2. High-level IT skills (49%)
  3. Basic computer knowledge (47%)
  4. Customer service skills (44%)
  5. Presentation skills (43%)
  6. Team management (42%)
  7. Project management (39%)
  8. Marketing (37%)
  9. Writing (19%)
  10. Graphic design (15%)

We get it. You are looking at them right now and thinking what “Graphic Design” or “Writing” has to do with my profession? Does this make sense?

They make perfect sense. It is highly probable that you are reading this blog from your at-home workstation and not the office; and in the middle of the night instead of daytime, office hour. 

COVID changed the way we looked at work or workplace. Having these highly sought-after hard and soft skills will make you the favorite of top recruiters. Invest some time and effort in acquiring them before you drop your resumes everywhere. 

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